Saraswati Day

In Bali, Saraswati Day is celebrated every Saniscara, Umanis, Wuku Watugunung. Based on Balinese Pawukon calendar. Saraswati known as knowledge day. Knowledge is very important for life.

Dewi Saraswati is generally referred to as Goddess of “Science and Knowledge”, symbolized by a beautiful woman with four hands, riding on a white swan among water lilies to tell humanity that science is like a beautiful woman. Her hands hold a palm leaf, a lontar (Balinese traditional book as source of knowledge), a chain (genitri with 108 pieces) as a symbol that knowledge is never ending and has an everlasting life cycle, and a musical instrument (wina) as a symbol that science develops through the growth of culture. The swan symbolized prudence, and water lilies are symbols of holiness.

In the afternoon of Saraswati day, we are not permitted to read or write the book because all the books are offered. In the evening, called “Malam Sastra”, people read books (esp. religious books) in their houses or in the temples.

The day before Saraswati is Pangredanan, it is the day of preparation. The day after Saraswati day is Banyu Pinaruh, this day people go to a sea to purify their soul and drink traditional medicine which is made from many various leaves. And then we celebrate Soma Ribek, Sabuh Mas and Pagerwesi.

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